About Us

This website is maintained by Western Australia (ME/CFS and Lyme Association of WA, Inc. – formerly ME/CFS Society of WA, Inc.), with a number of organisations and volunteers from around Australia collaborating and assisting with this project and website. WA also assists supporting organisations with coordination of various May12th activities and initiatives.


Supporting Organisations

Several ME/CFS charities and organisations support this project. Their support may involve one or more contributing ways such as financial, task-related, or by promoting the website and cause to their members and local patient community.

ME/CFS and Lyme Association of WA, Inc.

ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc.

ME/CFS Australia, Ltd.

Bridges & Pathways Institute Inc. / Fibromyalgia Australia

Emerge Australia, Inc.

A number of other state and national ME/CFS organisations have been invited to participate and support this initiative, however as at 25 March 2017 we are yet to hear back from them. This may be due to them being busy with their own workload, being low on volunteers, or not having the capacity to contribute to another project at this time. This website (and our team) supports all of these organisations, and you can still find all of their contact details listed on our Find Your Local Organisation webpage. If your organisation would like to be involved in this project, please email WA.



This website was contributed to by a small group of Australian patients who are passionate about helping others and raising awareness about ME/CFS. Some of them are also volunteers and/or committee members from other organisations, or people outside our patient community with skills and time to contribute. Most have chosen not to be named and prefer to help out behind the scenes. (Those who provide their permission to be mentioned will be listed here in future).


Able to contribute?

Every small contribution adds up to great things. If you are a web developer, graphic designer, or marketing extraordinaire and have a few hours free here and there, then we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for skilled individuals who might:

  • Have professional experience in media or marketing and have media contacts, and able to help us write and disseminate media releases and articles.
  • Be working in graphic design and can help us with images for our website and social media.
  • Be savvy web developers and help to improve our design and coding.
  • Have fundraising campaign experience and assist us in national fundraising campaigns.

If you would like to help us out over the coming months (or years) as we continue to improve this website, then please send us a message on our Facebook page or contact us.


This page was last updated on 12 May 2017.