May12th awareness social media images

Changing your profile photo, cover image, or sharing social media images for May12th International ME/CFS Awareness Day is an effortless way to spread a bit of awareness during May.

Here you can find a selection of images we have created, and either download them or find them on Facebook.

About these images

We have a selection of awareness day images for you to freely share on social media. You are free to share any of them. You don’t need to give credit to us when sharing them.

You can use them anytime of the year, although most are more relevant to sharing on or near May12th Awareness Day.

When posting the image to your profile, we recommend writing a few sentences about the illness or something personal for your audience, family and friends.

We have tried to design some to appeal to a wide audience, so if some don’t appeal to you, scroll through the rest and hopefully you will find something will be more to your tastes.We also welcome help with creating some more, so if you are a graphic designer or have some ideas for some new images, let us know via our contact form.


How do I share an image to social media?

There are two options to share an image:

  1. Share directly via Facebook
    If you are on Facebook, you can visit our Facebook Page, scroll through the photo album, and find an image you like. Then click on the Share button showing near the image.
  2. Download and upload
    From this web page, you can right click on the image and save it to your computer. Then you can upload the saved image to your social media account.

Theme: general May12th awareness images

Theme: support or contribute

Theme: living with ME/CFS

If you live with ME/CFS, you might like to post one of these along with a few sentences of text with your personal experience.

Theme: scenery and landscapes

For those who like to post scenic, colourful, or pretty images to their social media, we have some with landscapes, flowers, Australia themed, and other scenery.

Theme: animals

Love animals? We have designed some images just for you.