Light Up The Night Australia

Each year in May, buildings and landmarks around Australia light up blue for ME/CFS awareness and May12th International ME/CFS Awareness Day.

ME/CFS organisations, volunteers, and patients right around Australia contact buildings and landmarks asking if they will light up blue to raise awareness and show support of the estimated 250,000 Australians living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Photos are currently located on our Facebook page. We hope to add them to this page soon as the health of our volunteers allows.

Submit new Light Up The Night information

Have you organised an Australian building or landmark to light up as part of May12th awareness? Please submit the information in our dedicated Light Up The Night form.

Submit Light Up The Night Australia photos

Did you take any photos of any of these buildings or landmarks while they were lit up for May12th awareness? We would love to receive them to share on social media and display on our website.

Looking for another year?

Select the year you are wanting to browse Light Up The Night locations and dates for Australia.

Looking for international buildings?

Our website is focused on awareness, events, and Light up the Night happening locally in Australia.

You can view international buildings that lit up by heading to the website (external link). Our team thanks the international team and website for all of their efforts in helping to bring together an international May12th campaign.

If you are located in another country and took photos of a blue building or landmark for May12th awareness and would like to contribute it to our website and project, then please email it to, as we would love to display a few to showcase the international campaign.

This page was last updated on 18 April 2022